The testimonials on this page are for Wade & Lori Perry and her team from a time when she was affiliated with Coldwell Banker. They hae recently transitioned to LUX, but these testimonials remain valid, just ask any of their past or current clients. Lori and Wade are excited to bring all of the innovative real estate tools and techniques LUX offers to combine with her experience, warmth and capabilities to best serve her clients.

We could have not been happier working with Wade and Lori as our Realtors in Littleton. They are both extremely professional, knowledgeable about the area, and will stay closely in touch with your every need.
They make an excellent team, Wade being very skilled in the marketing areas of the business, while Lori is really into the details of staging the house, paperwork, etc. Just an excellent division of labor in my opinion..
They make a great first impression when first coming to meet you, showing their very strong interest in listening to your wishes,  conveying how much they want to help you with your sale, and trust me…THEY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU!
You can’t go wrong with this very impressive couple of Real Estate people!

I would recommend Wade and Lori to anyone. They truly enriched our lives. And, as they remind you often, “It’s a great life