Your friends may think they have the perfect buyer for your home. Someone they know or are related to. No need to list it. You can handle this between you and save all that money you’d pay in commissions. Really? 

Are you happy with just one offer, one set of terms without the option to entertain many offers?  Why would you do that to yourself? You can lose a HUGE amount of money this way.

Watch this video to learn more. If you still want to DIY the selling of your home, we have a no-strings attached check list for you that will be helpful for each step – 140 of them to be exact! (PDF LINK HERE)

If you want more information on the current, realistic value of your home, please fill out the form to the right and Lori will be in touch with you to schedule the time the best fits your schedule. The appointment will take about an hour.

In the message area, let us know if we can text you at that same phone number we are requesting.

Thank you for this opportunity to give you current information about your home.

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