We are covering  some of the important steps to prepare your home for winter both inside and out. There are even a couple of bonus tips.

Take advantage of the great weather to prepare. Better now then when it’s raining or even snowing!

  1. Clean the gutters or eaves. Who is stuck holding the ladder? Who has to scoop out or blast out the goo?
  2. Make sure your downspouts are clear AND that you have downspout extensions that carry the water 3-4 feet from the foundation of the home.
  3. Have your sprinkler system blown out. Turning it off isn’t enough. It’s about $100 for this service.
  4. Disconnect your hoses and put them away.
  5. EXTRA CREDIT: Hire a roof inspector to look for damage from the hail storms this past summer. You may be fine, but if there are any weak areas, you want to know now.
  6. HVAC – get that tuned up. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. We use Steel T.
  7. CHANGE the filters. Tip: Do not overspend on the filters. You won’t notice the difference.
  8. Change batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 alarms.
  9. EXTRA CREDIT: Have your chimney swept out to get the build up of creosote cleared out. You also don’t want to drag that past residue back into your house.