First, identify which describes your timing: I’m getting ready to sell, or, I’m on the market. These are two different time frames with two different lists of tasks to prepare your home when you live with pets.

Buyers want to feel like a home they view is theirs. They want to picture their furniture and family there. If you are on the market – RELOCATE your pet with friends or family during this time. Or, use pet day care or half day care during showing days.

Let’s talk about the BUT list. The longer the list, the less of a chance you have at getting the price you hope for. Start with stains from floors. Hire a professional – don’t risk the damage by doing it yourself. If the professional is unable to remove the stains, you’ll have to remove the flooring and replace if you have to.

Here’s the tough one – the smell. Don’t mask it with cookies or a floral scent – CLEAN it. Make it smell CLEAN without a horrible waft of chemicals. Invite a friend over who can be objective and break the news to you that your house smells like Fido.

Remove the photos, bowls, toys. Fix holes in hard from digging, clean stains from walls and replace the air filters in the HVAC system.