Our Around Town feature this month will make your mouth water unless you are vegan or vegetarian.

There’s no reason to search far and wide for the best steak. In fact, it can be as close as your doorstep with La Vaca Meat Company. Although there are eight grades of beef, La Vaca promotes cuts from Prime and Top Tier Choice–because we want you to enjoy all of the texture, flavor, tenderness, and juiciness of a steakhouse experience at your table, with every bite. Yet their commitment begins months before your steak arrives. Their beef is hand-selected so their quality and consistency are unsurpassed. Then they go one step further, wet aging at least 40 days to optimize flavor and tenderness before making a single cut. Whether you prefer a Porterhouse, Ribeye, New York Strip or another, you always make the prime choice with La Vaca Meat Company.

Go visit, take a selfie and follow the instructions in the video. But, you can order from them now and have it delivered to you – no matter where you are in the US!