Kimberly and her two children were a very special opportunity for us at Perry Properties Group. She is a hard working single mom who really wanted a better environment for her daughters but did not know how to go about the process.

Where would she go?

How would she sell one property and buy another simultaneously?

Could she qualify for enough of a mortgage to make the dream come true?

These are the questions which plague many and we were so excited to be able to make all of her home dreams come true. We walked Kimberly through every step of the process from getting pre-approved ties one of the best lenders, Jared Hamilton of Cherry Creek Mortgage to staging her property to the open house through the multiple offers and then ultimately finding her dream home in Stapleton very close to her children’s school. So close they can walk to school saving mom 90 minutes per day in drive time. We could not be happier for Kim and her children.