The home valuation letter sent each year to Colorado homeowners can be bittersweet. Super cool your home is worth way more than before. BUT that also means taxes will go up.

On the one hand, it says that your property has gone up in value by a certain amount. And that is a fantastic feeling when you see a number that you say, “Wow, my property really worth that much?”

And then you factor in how much you’ve paid down on your mortgage, and that
increase in net worth. It’s a great thing.

And then comes the realization, that on the other hand, there’s going to be a tax
due on my property based on that new valuation. You might be very happy with the valuation as it is and think it’s reasonable. You also might be somebody who’s looking at that valuation and saying, “Boy, I like that number, but I don’t wanna pay tax on that.”

The appeal process can be a little cumbersome.
Is an appeal right for you? We’re happy to help. And we’ve done this for a lot of people over the years. Please though, keep in mind, that the deadline for appeals is June 3rd.

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