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2016 02 25

9News: It May Be Better to Sell Your Home Now

2017-09-14T20:50:43-07:009News Tips, Real Estate Insights|

Sell now or later? In the world of real estate, the month of January means many homeowners begin to contemplate the thought of moving. This is easy to understand as the beginning of the year is marked [...]

2016 01 22

9News: 2016 Housing Outlook for Denver

2017-09-14T20:57:19-07:009News Tips|

In 2015, we continued to see a very low number of homes available for sale. There are many speculative reasons for this. One theory is that many homeowners who survived the “bust” period have refinanced and decided [...]

2015 12 21

9News: Is a pre-home inspection the best idea for sellers?

2017-09-14T20:59:01-07:009News Tips, Seller's Series|

The inspection is a crucial step. Some sellers are also getting inspections before they list. But be careful. Once you have it in a report you have to fully disclose all that is found. From the roof [...]

2015 11 12

9News: Home DIY for the greatest ROI – return on investment

2017-09-14T21:01:09-07:009News Tips|

Here are four DIY projects from HouseLogic.com to help accomplish both objectives: boost enjoyment and value. While you do not have to be Tim "the Tool Man" Taylor to be able to tackle these projects, make sure [...]

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