Happy Beginnings

2018 08 03

Marcy & Kent 2018

2018-07-31T19:25:10-07:00Happy Beginnings|

Yes, serving others is one of the cornerstones of Perry Properties Group. AND, it gets even better when we have the opportunity to serve them again and again. We helped Marcy with her first home as a [...]

2017 11 30

Hard to move to another state after 25 years.

2017-11-30T21:15:32-07:00Happy Beginnings|

Tom and Vicki have been in Colorado for decades. This is a huge decision for them to leave everything behind. They are so immersed in the community that there will be a definite gap with them gone. [...]

2017 11 01

First time home buyer, Darren Whitehead

2017-11-01T22:26:47-07:00Happy Beginnings|

It was so exciting to start the process. He says Lori just knew how to narrow it down. He briefly considered 10 properties, but when he walked into this one, he knew he was home. Lori knew [...]

2016 10 31

Scot & Susie Johnson wasted no time finding their new home.

2017-09-25T18:07:03-07:00Happy Beginnings|

Scot & Susie Johnson were so happy to work with Lori Perry. Her ability to help them prep and stage their home to sell within 3 days made them VERY happy. They would recommend her to anyone [...]

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