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2020 02 10

iNTea, Littleton, Colorado

2020-02-10T21:53:34-07:00Around Town|

This month we feature iN-TEA. iN-TEA is a family-owned business who started in 2008 with big dreams to bring tea and tea knowledge to Colorado. An eclectic tea house in the heart of Historic Downtown Littleton, they [...]

2019 09 20

LaVaca Meat Company

2019-09-20T15:59:00-07:00Around Town|

Our Around Town feature this month will make your mouth water unless you are vegan or vegetarian. There’s no reason to search far and wide for the best steak. In fact, it can be as close as [...]

2019 07 29

Dirt Coffee Bar

2019-07-29T20:45:15-07:00Around Town|

Not only does Dirt Coffee & Bar have great beverages and food, but they are also dedicated to changing lives in our community. They hire and host fundraising events to support families impacted by autism and related [...]

2019 06 15

Social Bar & Lounge

2019-07-29T20:18:54-07:00Around Town|

This month's Around Town featured in the Columbine Valley Market Minute is Social Bar & Lounge. Located in the shopping center at Middlefield and Bowles 3625 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton CO 80123 Stop by and have their [...]

2019 01 25

Around Town The Chocolate Therapist

2019-01-25T20:53:32-07:00Around Town|

Need a treat? Need to buy a treat? What if you just want to help your day by inhaling and absorbing the smell of quality chocolate? We have the place for you - The Chocolate Therapist in [...]

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