Here are four DIY projects from to help accomplish both objectives: boost enjoyment and value. While you do not have to be Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor to be able to tackle these projects, make sure you assess the scope of the work needed and have a clear understanding of your abilities. This will help you avoid having to invest more time and money than expected.

The first project is a basement remodel for under $2,000. This can easily be accomplished in a weekend with a trip to Ikea, the right tools and a clear understanding of the steps.

There are many who use their basement strictly for storage. This can help make a significant portion of your home a more useful, enjoyable and valuable. You will be grateful during those long cold days of winter. Can you say “man cave”?

The second project will be to add outdoor lighting to your landscape. This sounds like it will be expensive. Think again. You could add solar based lighting for as little as $13 per light. When you read the article on the website, you could consider using smaller cylinders and different lights. The best benefit will come when you are able to enjoy your outdoor space after dark instead of having to take the party inside.

The third project likely packs the most return on your investment. Your entry is the first and last thing you and your friends see when they come to your home. At less than $200 and two days to complete, this will have you loving the look of your home when you return from work like no other project.

Last, everyone has a different opinion on what their backyard should look like and what functions they serve. Some like grass for play ladder ball or corn hole and others do not want to have to take care of a lawn. So, before embarking on this project, please think long and hard about what you want to do in this space. If you choose to tackle this project, it will get messy and it will require planning.


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